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Top Ten Best Sellers for the Years 1910 - 1919

1. The Rosary Florence L. Barclay
2. A Modern Chronicle Winston Churchill
3. The Wild Olive Anonymous (Basil King)
4. Max Katherine Cecil Thurston
5. The Kingdom of Slender Swords Hallie Erminie Rives
6. Simon the Jester William J. Locke
7. Lord Loveland Discovers America C.N. Williamson and A.M. Williamson
8. The Window at the White Cat Mary Roberts Rinehart
9. Molly Make-Believe Eleanor Abbott
10. When a Man Marries Mary Roberts Rinehart

1. The Broad Highway Jeffrey Farnol
2. The Prodigal Judge Vaughan Kester
3. The Winning of Barbara Worth Harold Bell Wright
4. Queed Henry Sydnor Harrison
5. The Harvester Gene Stratton Porter
6. The Iron Woman Margaret Deland
7. The Long Roll Mary Johnston
8. Molly Make-Believe Eleanor Abbott
9. The Rosary Florence L. Barclay
10. The Common Law Robert W. Chambers


1. The Harvester Gene Stratton Porter
2. The Street Called Straight Basil King
3. Their Yesterdays Harold Bell Wright
4. The Melting of Molly Maria Thompson Davies
5. A Hoosier Chronicle Meredith Nicholson
6. The Winning of Barbara Worth Harold Bell Wright
7. The Just and the Unjust Vaughan Kester
8. The Net Rex Beach
9. Tante Anne Douglas Sedgwick
10. Fran J. Breckenridge Ellis

1. The Inside of the Cup Winston Churchill
2. V.V.'s Eyes Henry Sydnor Harrison
3. Laddie (novel) Gene Stratton Porter
4. The Judgment House Gilbert Parker
5. Heart of the Hills John Fox, Jr.
6. The Amateur Gentleman Jeffrey Farnol
7. The Woman Thou Gavest Me Hall Caine
8. Pollyanna Eleanor H. Porter
9. The Valiants of Virginia Hallie Erminie Rives
10. T. Tembarom Frances Hodgson Burnett


1. The Eyes of the World Harold Bell Wright
2. Pollyanna Eleanor H. Porter
3. The Inside of the Cup Winston Churchill
4. The Salamander Owen Johnson
5. The Fortunate Youth William J. Locke
6. T. Tembarom Frances Hodgson Burnett
7. Penrod Booth Tarkington
8. Diane of the Green Van Leona Dalrymple
9. The Devil's Garden W. B. Maxwell
10. The Prince of Graustark George Barr McCutcheon


1. The Turmoil Booth Tarkington
2. A Far Country Winston Churchill
3. Michael O'Halloran Gene Stratton Porter
4. Pollyanna Grows Up Eleanor H. Porter
5. K Mary Roberts Rinehart
6. Jaffery William J. Locke
7. Felix O'Day F. Hopkinson Smith
8. The Harbor Ernest Poole
9. The Lone Star Ranger Zane Grey
10. Angela's Business Henry Sydnor Harrison


1. Seventeen Booth Tarkington
2. When a Man's a Man Harold Bell Wright
3. Just David Eleanor H. Porter
4. Mr. Britling Sees It Through H. G. Wells
5. Life and Gabriella Ellen Glasgow
6. The Real Adventure Henry Kitchell Webster
7. Bars of Iron Ethel M. Dell
8. Nan of Music Mountain Frank H. Spearman
9. Dear Enemy Jean Webster
10. The Heart of Rachael Kathleen Norris


1. Mr. Britling Sees It Through H. G. Wells
2. The Light in the Clearing Irving Bacheller
3. The Red Planet William J. Locke
4. The Road to Understanding Eleanor H. Porter
5. Wildfire Zane Grey
6. Christine Alice Cholmondeley
7. In the Wilderness Robert S. Hichens
8. His Family Ernest Poole
9. The Definite Object Jeffrey Farnol
10. The Hundredth Chance Ethel M. Dell


1. The U.P. Trail Zane Grey
2. The Tree of Heaven May Sinclair
3. The Amazing Interlude Mary Roberts Rinehart
4. Dere Mable Edward Streeter
5. Oh, Money! Money! Eleanor H. Porter
6. Greatheart Ethel M. Dell
7. The Major Ralph Connor
8. The Pawns Count E. Phillips Oppenheim
9. A Daughter of the Land Gene Stratton Porter
10. Sonia Stephen McKenna

1. The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse Vicente Blasco Ibáñez
2. The Arrow of Gold Joseph Conrad
3. The Desert of Wheat Zane Grey
4. Dangerous Days Mary Roberts Rinehart
5. The Sky Pilot in No Man's Land Ralph Connor
6. The Re-Creation of Brian Kent Harold Bell Wright
7. Dawn Gene Stratton Porter
8. The Tin Soldier Temple Bailey
9. Christopher and Columbus Elizabeth von Arnim
10. In Secret Robert W. Chambers

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